Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about managing our businesses in an ethical and responsible manner in order to maximize the positive impacts that housing providers have on local communities and the environment.

CSR is about how each company integrates social and environmental aspects into its activities, while working in partnership with tenants and other stakeholders and operating according to the key principles of social and environmental responsibility, economic sustainability and ethical approach to employees.

Eurhonet Secretariat supports the work of its members on CSR by:

  • Organising yearly a CSR Awards Ceremony aiming at celebrating good CSR practices;
  • Collecting CSR Cards to expand our database and favour the exchange of best practices;
  • Promoting the use of EURHO-GR® , a European CSR framework specifically designed by and for public and social housing providers;
  • Providing a window to our members to showcase their CSR Reports displaying key actions, performance and impacts to other Eurhonet members and stakeholders.


CSR Cardsnew

CSR Cards
CSR Cards represent an excellent way for our members to showcase their work on CSR in the following categories:

  • Local social sustainability;
  • Environmental sustainability;
  • Economic responsibility and sustainability;
  • Good governance and fair relations with stakeholders, and
  • Responsible human resources management.

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CRS Awards

CSR Awards
The idea behind this initiative is to involve more and more Eurhonet members into CSR practices by sharing experiences between companies and at the same time highlighting good CSR examples within the network and beyond – having nominations and awards was the way to do it!

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EURHO-GR is a European CSR framework which identifies key CSR issues for the sector, along the five dimensions of CSR:

  • Society: Promoting local social sustainability;
  • Environment: Protecting the environment;
  • Economy: Supporting economic sustainability;
  • Governance: Good governance and relations with stakeholders
  • Human resources: Responsible Human Resources management.

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CSR Reports
CSR reports (or “Sustainability reports”) are published by Eurhonet members every year to present their key actions, performance and impacts on the five dimensions of EURHO-GR. It is a way for them to explain their strategy, describe their projects and initiatives and inform stakeholders about their results. In recent years, more and more companies have been integrating CSR within their traditional Annual Reports, instead of producing separate CSR reports. A natural trend when CSR is at the core of the business strategy!

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