Initiated by EURHONET, the European research and construction project BuildTog is driven by four major actors in energy-efficient housing and construction: EURHONET, A/NM/A, LUWOGE consult and BASF.

BuildTog’s objective is to promote the spread of a new type of building throughout Europe, combining: best energy performance (Passive House Standard), cost-efficient construction, high-quality architecture.

The objective is to optimize the construction process in order to lower the cost of passivehouse (15kWh / m² heating, 120kWh/m2 primary energy consumption and the overall airtightness 0.6 volume per hour).

Local adaptation
Applying the guideline

The common building design needs to be adapted to the BuildTog location chosen. All modifications relating to specific programs, orientation,climate, urban context, national and regional regulations are made by local planners, together with A/NM/A, LUWOGE consult and the project owners. Six projects have passed this phase of local adaptation;two of them – in Lieusaint, France and Darmstadt, Germany– are already under construction.

Join Build Tog
Getting in touch with Eurhonet

For all EURHONET members, the main benefit of participating in BuildTog is to become skilled in applying the Passive House Standard, the future European energy standard for all new buildings in 2020.We look forward to hearing from further housing companies Interested in joining BuildTog.

For further information about the project, please contact EURHONET:

Building together
A European project

Description of BuildTogs on-going in Lieusaint, France and Darmstadt, ermany– are already under construction.

Common design
The architectural guideline

The BuildTog project provides an overall model design as a starting point.

A/NM/A based the building’s characteristics, such as modular typology, specific use of the roof, circulation system, etc., on its ambitious energy concept.

The common design can be extended, modified and adapted to real sites in different ways. A/NM/A’s architectural guidelines will apply to all future local adaptations.

Quality Management
Methodological monitoring

To ensure the Passive House Standard is achieved,all BuildTog projects are monitored.This process covers all stages from design and construction to final utilization of the buildings. This helps to optimize future conceptual and construction processes.

LUWOGE consult is in charge of the methodological tracking. Each project phase is furthermore associated with a training program for local architects, engineers,craftsmen, etc.

New applications
Sustainable construction

High-performance materials help achieve BuildTog’s energy target. Best performing insulation solutions, as well as energy-efficient windows and ventilation systems, are important aspects of the Passive House standard.

By spreading technological know-how from one country to another, BASF helps to implement new applications for sustainable and energy- and cost-efficient construction.

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