About Eurhonet

Eurhonet – the European Housing Network – is a network of 34 public and social housing providers committed to delivering excellent services.

Our mission is to promote learning and development to better serve our tenants, neighbourhoods, and society. We collaborate, learn from each other, and develop new ideas together.

Eurhonet’s work centres around the needs of our tenants and the professional development of our employees. Eurhonet currently has members from Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. We all have the same ambition: to improve our professional performance by sharing best practices, developing our skills, and creating a common view of excellence in the public and social housing sector.

Eurhonet – the European Housing Network – stands on three pillars:

Sharing what we do well
Learning and improving together
Growing our skills
Developing to respond to our business environment
Advocating and resourcing
Raising our profile to achieve our goals

Our key activities

Providing excellent services for our tenants, communities, and society

We help our member organisations to improve their professional performance, processes, and working methods. This includes:

Prioritising the wellbeing and professional development of employees

We support our members to invest in their staff, attract new employees to the sector, and enhance existing staff training and development opportunities.

Collaboration with Housing Europe

We feed the experiences of our members gathered via our working groups and national and regional dialogue into the policy formulation process of Housing Europe, our sector’s representative body at EU and International level.


We bring together public and social housing providers in Europe with the goal of better serving our tenants, neighbourhoods and societies.


Our diverse member organisations come from different regions in France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Austria and the UK.

Topic Groups

We work on the key issues affecting the European public and social housing sector, sharing our challenges, successes and ideas.


Our members are committed to delivering excellent services for tenants. We help them achieve this.


By exchanging our experiences and learning from each other, we develop best practice to provide quality homes for our tenants.


We believe in investing in the professional development of our staff members and providing ongoing learning opportunities.

Become a member
Housing the future, together!
All European public and social housing providers are eligible to apply for Eurhonet membership. We are always pleased to welcome forward-looking organisations with a desire to improve their practices, provide excellent services to tenants, and create a positive working environment. Does this sound like your organisation?

More about Eurhonet – the European Housing Network

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Staff development

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*Eurhonet’s key figures do not include our founding member DELPHIS, which is an association of social housing providers in France.