EURHONET Exchange Program continues, read our last exchange and the added value in being an EURHONET’s member!

From the 2nd-6th of June 2014, Ms Obermayer from GWG Munich took part in the EURHONET exchange program and was hosted by ATER Treviso. For one week she worked within the property management department and was supervised by Dr. Fabio Zambon.
The aim of the exchange was to see how ATER Treviso meets the challenges of a public housing society, and what similarities or differences there are in comparison to the work at GWG Munich.
From day one Ms Obermayer was involved in the team and the everyday work. Dr. Zambon showed her different buildings and explained how ATER Treviso allocates its apartments, how the annual rent adjustments are calculated and which legal frameworks determine the daily work. „I was very impressed by the commitment and the friendly contact with the tenants. In particular, the annual income calculation and the resulting rent adjustment is a mammoth task and requires a lot of patience from the staff.“

Excursions to old and new housing stocks were also part of the program. This gave Ms Obermayer also the chance to get to know the City of Treviso. At the same time she got a good overview of the current projects of ATER Treviso and could also visit older housing stocks.

“What really surprised me, were the spacious and wellequipped new buildings. However, I particularly liked the older buildings which have a very nice facade. “

Ms Obermayer answers the question how she liked the exchange, as follows: „For me the exchange was a great success. In the beginning I was nervous about my language skills – that was completely unnecessary in retrospect, I was warmly welcomed by the staff. Not only
I could use my Italian language skills, but I have also seen the circumstances in which our colleagues from Treviso have to work and how they deal with the sometimes difficult conditions. I’m looking forward to the return visit of Dr. Zambon and am curious how he will like Munich and the GWG.“