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    Klas Barkestam from ÖrebroBostäder AB has visited ATC Torino

Klas Barkestam from ÖrebroBostäder AB has visited ATC Torino

The exchange program gave him the opportunity to see how real estate companies in other countries work. “It was interesting to see how it works in Italy. We have visited a number of properties and some tenants. ATC is a well organized company that does everything for the organization to function. Our companies are different, after all, not so much from each other. I am […]

Nina’s visit to Italy gave her new knowledge

Nina´s day to day work is usually in Jönköping, Sweden. However this spring she visited Italy and her colleagues at ATC in Torino. The exchange program gave her the opportunity to learn more about how they save energy in their current housing stock. -It was so interesting to see the diff erences between our companies. What I learned will help me in my current job. Back in Sweden, Nina works as […]

Familjebostäder from Sweden visits Italy

22-23 September 2011, seven employees visited ATC. The Swedes all worked in the IT department and were curious about how the housing system in Italy worked in general and more specifi cally knowledge about the IT systems and organisation supporting it. Here is their story: We had no knowledge in advance of the housing system in Italy and were impressed about how they handle the diffi culties and […]