Get information about the opportunities:

Get in contact with EURHONET hosting companies’ contact persons for the Exchange Program to find information about the available opportunities of exchanges. Visit also the page EXCHANGE NEWS or read study reports to get inspiration from previous experiences of other EURHONET members.

List of contacts


Check if you are eligible to apply: 

The program is generally open for all members of the staff! But, it is up to each company to decide what members who are entitled to participate.

Download the contract here


Contact the host company and define the visit:

The sending company gets in touch with the contact person on the company of interest to set the frames for the exchange and define aims, goals, subjects, period & duration, other logistical requirements by using the model downloadable here


Sign a contract:

The 2 companies sign a contract which model is downloadable here 


Inform the project leader or the secretariat that the exchange will take place:

Inform the project leader of the exchange program or EURHONET`s secretariat about the Exchange before it starts! By phone or e-mail



Visit host company:

Just do it and enjoy!



Write and communicate a study report:

The participant writes a study report by using the model downloadable here. Sends it to the participating companies and to the project leader of the exchange program of EURHONET`s secretariat. The study report will be published on the website.



Make a feed-back in the sending company:

The participant spreads the knowledge from the exchange in his/her own company and to the host company.