Eurhonet Business Plan 2018-2019

The Eurhonet Business Plan 2018-2019 reflects Eurhonet’s commitment to become the most important housing network in Europe by leading the housing scenario both at local and European level.



Brochure cover

Welcome Brochure

The Eurhonet Welcome Brochure gives an overview on the Network’s structure by describing its Topic Groups, Task Forces and related activities.

Calendar of Activities 2018:

29-30   Improvement TaskForce, Paris, France
30-31   EC meeting – Paris, France

7-9     Sustainable Construction Topic Group meeting – Västerås, Sweden
8        Workshop “Scaling up new supply through modular buildings and off-site manufacturing” – Västerås, Sweden
TBC*   EU-Funding TaskForce meeting

6-7     Ageing Topic Group meeting – Brescia, Italy
14-15 IT Topic Group meeting – Munich, Germany

10-11   Improvement Task Force – Paris, France
11-12   Coordinators meeting – Paris, France
12-13   EC meeting – Paris, France
18-19   Social Integration Topic Group meeting – Copenhagen, Denmark
TBC*     Workshop “Human Resources and Staff Development”

TBC*     Ageing Topic Group meeting
15-16   Workshop “Investing in the existing housing stock” – Gävle, Sweden
30        Workshop on CSR – Toulouse, France

13 all day   Improvement Task Force – Paris, France
14 morning   EC meeting – Marne la Vallée, France
14 afternoon-15 morning   CEO Academy – Marne la Vallée, France
TBC*   IT Topic Group meeting
TBC*   Social Integration Topic Group meeting
TBC*   Sustainable Construction Topic Group meeting

16-20   Junior Executive Academy – Bochum, Germany

22-24   Improvement TaskForce – Munich, Germany

4-5       Ageing Topic Group meeting – Èpinal, France
12-13   Improvement TaskForce – Paris, France
13-14   EC meeting – Paris, France
TBC*     IT Topic Group meeting
TBC*     EU-Funding TaskForce meeting – (bids for 2019)

23 (afternoon)   Improvement TaskForce – Birmingham, UK
24 morning   EC meeting – Birmingham, UK
24 afternoon   Improvement Team and Topic Groups Leaders meeting – Birmingham, UK
25-26   Open meeting and General Assembly – Birmingham, UK
TBC*   Sustainable Construction Topic Group meeting

TBC*   Social Integration Topic Group meeting

TBC*   EU-Funding TaskForce meeting

29-30   Improvement TaskForce – Paris, France
30-31   EC meeting – Paris, France


* Please note that dates and venues of Topic Groups and Task Forces meetings, Workshops and Open events are subject to confirmation by Topic Groups Leaders and the Secretariat – please refer to this online Calendar of Activities for updated information.