Exchange Programme

An opportunity for employees in all roles to gain skills and ideas from their counterparts in other countries. Sharing working methods, improving professional performance, making connections.

Are you facing a problem in your work, and you are wondering how other people have tackled it? Do you feel you could improve your processes, but you aren’t sure of the best way forward? Would you like to run your ideas by someone who is working on the same issues? Join the Eurhonet Exchange Programme.

The Exchange Programme gives employees at all levels of our member organisations the chance to spend 3-5 days working alongside their counterpart in another member organisation. During this time, they learn different approaches and methods to tackle similar challenges in another cultural context.

We believe that all employees should have access to learning opportunities and be encouraged to grow professionally. To ensure that the participant gets the most out of the experience, we make sure that there is a clear goal and a detailed programme laid out before an exchange takes place.

Employees at all levels of an organisation should have opportunities to learn and grow professionally.

Learn from your counterparts
Share knowledge, skills, ideas
The Exchange Programme is a rewarding experience which encourages participants to consider other points of view and challenge current ways of working. So far, 76 exchanges have taken place, and we look forward to organising many more!

Who can join the Eurhonet Exchange Programme?

Employees at all levels of an organisation and in all roles are eligible to take part in the Exchange Programme. Like all our staff development programmes, the Exchange Programme is only open to Eurhonet member organisations.

How do I sign up?

If you are a member our network, you can sign up to the Eurhonet Exchange Programme by contacting the Eurhonet Secretariat. You can also learn more about the programme in the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member, find out how to join our network.

Hear from previous exchanges…

Gavlegardarna, Sweden visiting Bolton at Home, UK

Report by Rahaf Abu Shaer

My trip to Bolton at Home was inspiring on both professional and personal levels.
My trip to Bolton at Home was inspiring on both professional and personal levels. To meet all these people who love their jobs and who fully understand the impact their work is making on the company and on society in general was inspiring.
Bolton at Home’s thinking outside the box is impressive. They tackle important work and social shortcomings by taking positive action to facilitate employment and wellbeing. They do this by creating meaningful activities and opportunities for employees and communities to reach their full potential.
Much of the work Bolton at Home does to facilitate getting people back to work is done through cooperation between the government, the housing company, as well as many non-profit organisations. Here in Sweden, we as a public housing company can still widen our horizons, adjust, and improve our way of working with employment