Apprentices’ Project

Best practice by DOGEWO21, Germany

The Apprentices’ Project by DOGEWO21 aimed at turning an old run-down garage courtyard in a settlement called “Fairytale Quarter” into something new and attractive. The bad outer appearance of the place was beginning to damage the neighbourhood image and something had to be done.

To involve our tenants and all the people living nearby, the project group decided to have a painting contest in schools and kindergartens in the area. The very best paintings would receive prizes and be shown on the surrounding walls of the garage courtyard. This would be done by a professional company.

The project group also hoped that these illustrations would prevent future graffiti. After finishing all the work, the participating children, their parents and all neighbours were invited to the opening event. Event preparations, the opening party and effective public relations work were also part of the project.

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To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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