Communication for everyone – a manual regarding inclusive communication

Best practice by Stångåstaden, Sweden

The aim of this project is to show that Stångåstaden (Sweden) can work in a way that includes each and every person in all of our external and internal communication and marketing activities. Stångåstaden aims to reflect the diversity of its tenants and create a common ground on how the organisation communicates externally. The manual is mainly used by those who work at Stångåstaden and its suppliers. However, Stångåstaden also hopes to inspire everyone who wants to be better in their work with inclusive communication.

With inclusive communication, we want to make it visible that there are many different ways of living and being. We want to reflect reality because everyone should feel involved.  We also want to create communication that reaches everyone and is easy to understand regardless of impairment, language skills, or other individual conditions.

The manual has been developed with the help of several experts, and contains checklists and examples that can be used for:

  • personal meetings
  • informative meetings
  • writing a text in an information letter or email
  • making a report interview
  • taking a picture
  • making a movie
  • designing graphics or a web page.

In its communication activities, Stångåstaden aims to include images that represent a diverse range of people and that do not reinforce stereotypes.

Find out more

To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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