A European CSR framework for public and social housing providers

EURHO-GR® is the only European CSR framework specifically designed by and for public and social housing companies to help them implement and account for their Corporate Social Responsibility.

It was developed in 2007 together with key sector stakeholders: tenants, local authorities, shareholders, professionals from the construction sector, employees, financial institutions. It was then progressively improved and updated, taking into account users’ feedback and evolutions in the CSR and the housing fields.

Providing an overall framework to identify key CSR issues and support CSR planning, EURHO-GR® is also a reporting standard. Quantitative and qualitative indicators enable housing organizations to measure their global performance, monitor progress and inform stakeholders on their results and impacts, according to the key CSR principles of accountability and transparency. Some of these indicators are common to all countries; others have been defined at national level in order to take into account local specificities, requirements or expectations.

National reporting frameworks and tools have therefore been developed, based on this common European structure. As such, in each country, the same indicators and calculation methods are used by all EURHO-GR® users.

To get more information on the national EURHO-GR® reporting framework and tools in your country, please contact your national EURHO-GR® focal point. If you are located in another country than the ones listed below, please contact the European focal point.

  • France: Charlotte Limousin, DELPHIS:
  • Germany: Christina Haerle-Petit, bauverein ag:
  • Italy: Giacomina Bozzoni, Aler Brescia:
  • Sweden: Cecilia Svedin, Örebrö:
  • United Kingdom: Vicki Ramsden, Bolton at Home:
  • Europe: Charlotte Limousin, DELPHIS:

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For more information, download: 2014-Eurhonet-Presentation EURHO-GR_ENG

5 key dimensions of global performance
EURHO-GR® covers the five key dimensions of CSR:

  1. Promoting local social sustainability
  2. Protecting the environment
  3. Supporting economic sustainability
  4. Good governance and relations to stakeholders
  5. Responsible human resources management

For more information on EURHO-GR framework: 2014-Eurhonet-Presentation EURHO-GR_ENG

CSR reports

EURHO-GR® is used by companies to produce their annual CSR reports.

These reports include quantitative indicators (on three successive years) as well as a description of the organization’s strategy and actions on the five CSR dimensions.

5 EU countries, 35 companies, over 400 000 households
  • France
  • Italy
  • Sweden
  • United Kingdom
  • Germany

Why use EURHO-GR®?
  • To support your CSR planning, implementation and monitoring through a coherent and comprehensive framework
  • To reinforce the credibility of your CSR report through quantitative indicators and a widely-acknowledged standard developed with stakeholders
  • To take part to exchanges of good practices between companies and across countries, through the network of EURHO-GR® users