Our Strategic Objectives are to: 

1. Promote Eurhonet as a learning organisation
2. Develop Eurhonet as a community
3. Build and maintain partnerships
4. Ensure Eurhonet is well run and financially secure

A key role will be played by Topic Groups and their ability to adopt a step change work programme in order to:

o Segment the challenges and explore issues by country and share solutions;
o Secure scalability of outcomes and report on outcomes to the whole network;
o Favour practical collaborations, research and development.

Topic Groups will be working to:

Tackle the lack of housing supply by understanding and providing solutions to:
o Land, planning, capacity and cost;
o Understanding the housing needs of our current and future tenants;
o Finances, rents, and subsidy from tax and/or welfare;
o Getting the best out of central and local powers;
o Scaling up construction of new build.

Improve our collective investment in our existing stock by:
o Comparing and driving down the cost of renovations through improved procurement etc;
o Scaling up our approach to SMART homes and communities (technology);
o Maximising opportunities to keep our customers safe in their homes;
o Exploring new funding sources and maximise EU funding.

Tackling social integration challenges by:

o Exploring how best to prevent segregation and promote integration;
o Engaging with our tenants to find ways to help them in promoting integrated communities;
o Understanding how to tackle social break down and radicalisation;
o Tackling ageing population, dementia, increase in ill-health and strain on health services;
o Working out the impact on housing demand and what solutions we may need for this.

Minimise our impact on environmental change by:
o Exploring methods to improve our carbon reduction outcomes and to scale up renewable/alternative energy sources;
o Reducing our energy costs and what can we do to promote energy efficiency and reduce costs for our tenants;
o Designing and building future-proof homes taking into account extreme climate conditions;
o Recycling and reusing materials and resources including behavioural change to avoid the use of plastics.

5. Support members with organisational change by:
o Sharing best practice on growth, partnerships and mergers;
o Identifying how we can become more efficient and diverse businesses;
o Collaborating over workforce development;
o Understanding and improving the branding and the identity of the housing sector both within our nations and across Europe.