Challenging emerging talents right across Europe and beyond!


Developing our staff and nurturing future talent is critical to our organisations future success. Eurhonet has developed this fantastic programme in response to our members feedback about staff development, and this will give our rising stars chance to learn and network together!

Jon Lord
President of Eurhonet


The Accelerated Development Programme provides participants with the right skill set in order to understand management & leadership cultural differences in different countries and the strategic planning process used by Public and Social Housing companies from all across the EU to be more adaptable to future market needs.

Structure of the programme:

Pre workshops

All delegates to complete the ‘Business Planning Activity Tracker’ for their host Public and Social Housing Companies.

To pose ‘questions’ and suggestions to the entire group and things to share:

1- What are the main challenges that their senior management team face on a day to day basis?
2- What are the main objectives and/or strategic aims of the business over the next 12 months?
3- What are they see as the main focus for?


Day 1

  • Introductions and icebreaker
  • Leadership vs Management
  • What does a good leader do?
  • What kind of leader are you? Communication styles (driver, analytic, amiable & expressive)
  • Exercise to illustrate the different styles (Blind Fury/Shape sorter)
  • Motivation: Tannenbaum & Schmidt & McGreggor’s X and Y theory

Exercise: Johari Window – how well do you know yourself and what’s the value of feedback?

Homework: Create a 3-minute presentation on what motivates you? Not what inspires you, but what is it that gives you energy at work and makes you say “today has been a good day”.


Day 2

  • Recap day 1
  • Presentations from learners on what motivates them
  • Business and Strategic planning
  • How does the organisation’s strategy link to your department and team (the ‘golden thread’)?
  • Mosaic exercise – the team create a large picture by everyone doing a small part of it.Using a simple Forward planner, the projects in their own company, mapped out over the next 5 years, cross collaborational working through different Public and Social Housing Companies and different countries.

Homework: My Personal Charter – each learner creates their own charter: what their purpose is (looking for links to bigger picture here), what they are responsible for, who are their stakeholders, what ate their ‘ways of working’ (i.e. standards). All of this should align with their business strategy and vision and should illustrate a degree of self-awareness (i.e. emotional intelligence).


Day 3

  • Recap day 1
  • Learners present back their personal charters
  • Case Studies: Learners to split into groups and each one takes on a case study to be ‘solved’
  • Grand Masters exercise – Problem solving exercise to get them to evaluate their own critical thinking
    Define the problem
  • Brainstorm potential solutions
  • Team to rank and rate solutions
  • Priorities the solutions generated according to difficulty to achieve and benefits
  • Create a tactical implementation plan – who does what, by when and how?

Teach-back: At the end of day 3, split into team and each team will present back on what they have leaned, what it means to them and specifically what they are going to go away and do. The Plan will form the basis for their post-training plan that they will come back to present on in October.



  • Participants will be put into contact with a mentor from the Junior Executive Academy.
  • Rated and scored to pass the GA Presentation, delegates will be presented with a Certificate endorsed by Eurhonet, Bolton at Home and Big Lever Learning for successful completion of the Accelerated Development Programme at the Eurhonet General Assembly 2019.


The Trainers:


Jane Hodgson

A dynamic and energetic trainer, Jane has delivered training for 18+ years all over the world. Having worked in over a dozen countries across the EMEA region, she has an ability to work across cultures, often delivering to groups made up of people from different countries within an organisation’s footprint. Jane has worked for a broad spectrum of organisations, from some of the world’s largest and most influential tech companies, to smaller, family run businesses; from large corporates to not-for-profit organisations like healthcare or learning institutes. Her passion for people is evident in everything she does and it’s no co-incidence that she often stays in touch with learners well after the training is finished. For Jane this isn’t just a job, it’s a vocation, a genuine desire to help organisations be the best that they can be by leveraging the potential that lies within their people. Whether it’s leadership development, coaching, team building or mental toughness, Jane empowers learners to achieve far beyond what they’d thought they could, more than meeting the organisation’s return on investment.

Some companies Jane has worked for:

  • Rackspace                            Mars
  • Salesforce                            AkzoNobel
  • NHS (various trusts)            Stanley Black & Decker
  • Kent University                    Illumina
  • Biffa                                     Winchester University
  • CCG                                      HCA Healthcare
  • De La Rue                            Thales


Rob Andrews-Watt

Rob started his Learning and Development career back in 1996 working for Whitbread Restaurants. Having worked for many large corporate businesses, throughout his career, he has implemented numerous leadership development programmes, cultural change programmes, as well as more traditional training using his experience and knowledge as an NLP practitioner to design training interventions that really pack a punch. His current role as Head of Learning, Development and Equality within the housing sector has already made massive inroads in changing the culture and the perception of learning. Rob is also a Board Director of a Manchester Based Credit Union, and the Chairman of the UKs North West Learning and Development Managers Forum.

Other accreditations:

  • CIPD Qualified
  • Insights Discovery Practitioner
  • Tetra Map certified trainer

Some companies Rob has worked for:

  • Dixons retail
  • Home Serve
  • 2ergo (Global Mobile Software)
  • Crown Commercial Service (part of the UK Cabinet Office)
  • Whitbread restaurants
  • Provident Financial (Sub prime lender)
  • Bolton At Home (Housing Association)