22-23 September 2011, seven employees visited ATC. The Swedes all worked in the IT department and were curious about how the housing system in Italy worked in general and more specifi cally knowledge about the

IT systems and organisation supporting it. Here is their story:

We had no knowledge in advance of the housing system in Italy and were impressed about how they handle the diffi culties and obstacles that follow with their system. We have in many ways a more straight forward working situation as we know the total income from our apartments on a monthly basis.

Everyone we met was very committed to their work and willing to share their opinions and experiences. For us it was interesting and useful to see the system they used, and to be told about the platform and technology used to build it, as well as to link it to other supporting applications. For external users they had a separate login with an adjusted view.

The technology used and what they had included in the system has started a lot of interesting discussions in our group. Another part where we can improve is in the social engagement. They put a lot of effort into social housing management.

To have spent two days with these dedicated generous people has been an amazing experience. / Morten Glörud, Carlos Gonzalez, Susanne Kilgren, Christer Lepistu, Anna Röstlund, Camilla Sandholm, Thomas Stadig