Morten Glörud, Carlos Gonzalez, Susanne Kilgren, Christer Lepistu, Anna Röstlund, Camilla Sandholm, Thomas Stadig from IT Department of AB Familjebostäder went to visits ATC Torino colleagues 2 years ago.

Aims and goals
Get information about how the housing system in Italy works in generally, and to get a more specific knowledge about the IT systems and organisation supporting it.

Summary of the exchange
Our host gave an introduction to the company and its organisation. Both employees from the administration and from the field presented their work and shared their everyday life.

They took us to visit three different sites to show the variety of the housing they maintained. We first visited Area Neibolo a rebuilt factory, and were shown two different apartments. The second were Via Babaoux, an old house in the middle of Torino. The third were Via Giacomodina, originally built for the Fiat workers. This was ATC’s largest area and under reconstruction.

During our second day the focus were mainly on the supporting IT system and the IT department. We had a demonstration of the system and visited the employees working with it.

We also visited the customer support centre, and heard about how an ordinary day works and how it is organised.

Outcome of the exchange: which are the best practices used by the visited company that can be adopted in your own one?
For us it was interesting and useful to see the system they used, and to be told about the platform and technology used to build it and to link it to other supporting applications. For external users they had a separate login with an adjusted view.

The technology used and what they had included in the system has started a lot of interesting discussions in our group.

Another part were we can improve is in the social engagement. They put a lot of effort into social housing management.

Personal reflections and feedback
To have spent two days with these dedicated generous people has been an amazing experience.

We had no knowledge in advance of the housing system in Italy and are impressed of how they handle the difficulties and obstacles that follows with that system. We have in many ways an easier working situation knowing the income from our apartments.

Everyone we met was very committed to their work and willing to share their opinions and experience.