The need for effective and relevant communication is as important as the need for social integration, energy saving, environment or cost-effective production in our companies. This is the reason behind the choice of organising this inspiring Communication workshop in London on 9th and 10th of April.

The workshop aimed to share useful know-hows, experiences and ideas in how to create and use communication and branding as a tool to be successful in our market. One key question is the importance of getting the whole company to take part. Internal marketing/communication, motivation and engagement are of great importance for success.

The workshop was held in Spotlight, the amazing creative center built by Poplar.

During the first day, our colleague Helen New (who kindly took care of EURHONET ‘s delegation) presented us the key figures of Poplar in terms of organisation, housing stock, some historical mention and she translated those figures into the importance for Poplar to develop a regeneration plan next to a strong communication strategy.

The second part of the afternoon was completely focused on Spotlight as one of the main example of success of Poplar Harca’s Branding & Communication strategy with teenagers. Spotlight allows membership until 18 years old, with some exception until 25 years old.

The second day was even more interesting, chaired by Paul Augarde and his colleague Blossom Young (both from PH’s creation department).

They clearly presented the networking behind each communication project, in particular networking with arts studios and universities. Poplar tries to implement a lot of street art – pop art – urban art projects into the district. Additionally it was very interesting to learn about the organisation of the district festivals. PH and its staff strongly believe in the benefits coming from these street activities.

They organize about 4-5 different festivals per year.

At the end of the meeting we received also a brief description of #POPLAR as an example of branding. The increasing number of tweets with this hashtag is impressive.

Evaluation from the participants at the end of the meeting:

  • Reflexion: interesting learning from study cases (inspiring) and methods
  • Improve more and more a permanent sharing experiences platform
  • Put a lot of attention on the tenants and how to involve them in the communication plan.