We are happy to announce that in line with the goals set in our Business Plan, the workshop “CSR and shared value: a new way to measure, report and communicate its economic contributions to communities” will take place on 30-31 May 2018 in Toulouse (France).

Learning goals/outcomes:

As you will see from the Draft Agenda, the workshop will be the occasion to discuss with the help of members and experts what is happening on CSR and the reporting of the economic value in the different Eurhonet countries and see what we can do and achieve together by addressing the following questions:

• Following the EU Directives, to determine the state of the art in each country regarding CSR practices and the reporting of the non-financial performance of social and/or public housing companies. Who is achieving the best outcome on these? What are the best examples?

• From the added value to a global and shared economic value, how to integrate into communication new approaches regarding the economic value produced by housing companies?

• Based on the European Housing Initiative (E.R.H.I.N.), CSR Awards have been run by Housing Europe (2015-2016) and EURHONET (2017); 52 European housing companies have signed the CSR European Code of Conduct. Is there the possibility and the necessity to go a step further and develop at the European level a label to ease the access to S.R.I., Impact Investing or similar funding?


Participation is free of charge (for Eurhonet members) but registration is compulsory. To ensure the smooth running of the event, please register via this online Registration Form by 10th April 2018 at the very latest.