The Eurhonet General Assembly 2018 took place on 25-26 October in Birmingham, kindly hosted by our member Matrix Housing Partnership.

Learning goals:

  • The UK and other European countries continue to face difficulties increasing affordable housing supply – seeing increasing house prices, unaffordable homes, impact of welfare reforms leading to increased homelessness – How can innovation address this? OSM, different designs, sustainable homes, co-op housing, self-build;
  • Get an update on Topic Groups and Task Forces activities and other key initiatives such at the Junior Executive
  • Academy and the Exchange Programme  and see how they relate to the Eurhonet Business Plan 2018-2019;
  • Find out more on our members’ CSR practices and celebrate them with the 2nd Eurhonet CSR Awards ceremony.

Please download below the presentations made during the event.


Conference “Innovation in Housing Supply” – Thursday 25th October 2018

Opening & Greetings

tting the scene:

  • Offsite Manufacturing
    Mr James Nicholls, Business Development Manager – LoCaL Homes
  • Design
    Ms Katie Hughes, Senior Architect – Accord & Mr Marc Turley, Architectural Assistant – Accord
  • Retrofit
    Mr Carl Taylor, Assistant Director of New Business and Growth – Accord
  • Sustainability
    Mr Chris Morris, Sustainability Manager – Rooftop Housing Group


World café:
Reports from Table’s Rapporteur are in the process of being collected and will be shared as soon as available with Members.


General Assembly – Friday 26th October 2018

Report by Topic Groups and Task Forces Leaders:

Presentation of new members by CEOs:


The Junior Executive Academy (video-clip)
Mr Thomas Mayer – Junior Executive Academy Coordinator

The Exchange Programme and the new Progression Development Programme
Ms Malin Wettre – Exchange Programme Coordinator & Mr Rob Andrews-Watt

The 3rd Eurhonet CSR Awards – Presentation of the projects and Award Ceremony
Mr Alessandro Cesale – Eurhonet


Eurhonet Business Plan updates – moving forward!
Mr Ian Ankers – Improvement TaskForce Leader


Please note that the presentations made during the Ordinary General Assembly that followed have been made available on the Members Only Zone of the Eurhonet website at this link! (To open this link you have first to login with your Username and Password).