Learning goals/outcomes:

The workshop will be the occasion to discuss with the help of members and experts:

1 – How to best approach asset management by investing efficiently in our existing stock;

2 – How, in light of the Grenfell Tower fire, we can prevent fire accidents and in general improve safety in our buildings;

3 – How to engage and work with tenants when refurbishing the housing stock.

As part of the workshop, a study visit to two large scale requalification projects (680 and 730 flats) will take place in order to explain, beside technical details, how Gavlegårdarna worked with residents in the requalification of both the indoor and outdoor environment.

Programme & info on logistics:
Click here to download the InfoPack of the event which includes the draft programme and info on logistics.

To ensure the smooth running of the event, please register via this online Registration Form by Friday 19 October 2018.