Some 35 representatives from public and social housing providers and technicians working with sustainability and energy efficiency in buildings from all across the EU took part in the first open visit to the Padiham’s DREEAM Pilot site on Tuesday 5th February 2019.


The Pilot Site

The DREEAM pilot site in Padiham, Burnley, Lancashire, is a mix of 109 properties of varying archetype, which are heated predominantly by electric storage heaters with 19 gas heated properties. The renovation works involved installing multiple energy efficiency measures, such as external wall insulation, solar panels, new efficient heating and hot water systems, internal ventilation systems and new UPVC windows.

The energy consumption of 9 of the dwellings is being monitored pre and post renovation in order to see the difference made by the works. Work is also being done to inform customers so that they fully understand how the works will affect them, how to operate all of the new technologies being installed, and how their choices in everyday home life can affect their energy consumption and therefore their bills. This project is being undertaken to increase the standard of energy services to our customers, reduce customer turnover, and make our scheme a neighbourhood of choice.


The Workshop

The study visit was followed by a half-day workshop were participants had the chance to dig into the different aspects of the refurbishment process by hearing directly from the staff involved in the operations how they secured its delivery, how they engaged with residents as well as the financial aspects of the operation.


Below you will find the presentations made during the Workshop:


DREEAM in a nutshell
by Silvia Caggiati, Chalmers University

Introduction to Places for People and its Energy Efficiency Strategy
by Derek Watters, Places for People

Project procurement and delivery
by Alan Thomas & Sue Dixon, Places for People

Customer involvement and development:

Monitoring financials
by Corne Koppelaar, Savills and Derek Watters, Places for People