The 2019 General Assembly took place on 24-25 October in Stockholm, kindly hosted by our Swedish member Familjebostäder.

Learning goals

  • Discover opportunities to turn digitalisation and digital real estate development into business opportunities;
  • Experience at first-hand how services and maintenance functions are being improved by digitalization;
  • Network and learn about what other Eurhonet members are doing to meet the challenge of the digital world;
  • Get an update on Topic Groups activities and other key initiatives such at the Junior Executive Academy and the Exchange Programme and see how they relate to our Business Plan;
  • Find out more on our members’ CSR practices and celebrate them with the 4th Eurhonet CSR Awards Ceremony;
  • Get to know the new companies that joined Eurhonet since the last GA;
  • Find out more on our new Business Plan 2020-2022.

Presentations made

Presentations made during the Conference “The Digital World” and our General Assembly are downloadable below:

Conference “The Digital World” – Thursday 24th October 2019

Opening & Greetings

Welcome to Stockholm
Mr Jonas Schneider – CEO, Familjebostäder

Public Housing in Sweden
Mr Anders Nordstrand – CEO, Sveriges Allmännytta (former SABO)

Keynote speech

The real estate industry in the digital age
Mr Christoffer Börjesson – Chief Digital Officer, Real Estate Owners Stockholm

(Please note that Mr Börjesson’s contribution was filmed. A short video-clip with key excerpt is currently under editing and will be shared soon).

World café session
Reports from Table’s Facilitators were collected and will be soon processed. A short report of this exercise will be  shared soon.


Study visit to “Älvsjöstaden” – Thursday 24th October 2019

Welcome to Älvsjöstaden, Familjebostäder’s largest construction development project


General Assembly – Friday 25th October 2019

Report by Topic Groups Leaders

Welcoming new members

A growing network: updated figures
Mr Fredrik Tornqvist – Marketing TaskForce Leader

Presentation of new members:

Investing on our staff

The 4th Eurhonet CSR Awards – Presentation of the projects and Award Ceremony

CSR Awards nominations
Mr Jon Lord, President of Eurhonet

Best practice from members: The ACERINO Project
Mr Patrizio Losi, President of ACER Piacenza

Business Plan updates

Looking forward: the Business Plan 2020-2022 with focus on 2020 activities
Mr Alessandro Cesale – Director General, Eurhonet Secretariat

Ordinary General Assembly – Friday 25th October 2019

Presentations made during our Ordinary General Assembly are available on the Members’ Only Zone of our website at the this link (please login with your username and password). Should you have any problem in accessing this page, please do not hesitate to contact Sylwia ( for any assistance.