Our annual Coordinators meeting will take place on 1-2 April 2020 in Brussels.

By attending this event, Coordinators will:

• Meet and get to know Coordinators from new Eurhonet member companies;
• Discuss and update your fellow Coordinators on the challenges facing your organisation and how Eurhonet could help;
• Discuss and agree what you, as Coordinator, can do to better promote Eurhonet within your organisation and how you can all work better as a group;
• Support the development of our new website and visual identity;
• Learn about the work done over the last three years (EurhoCycle 2017-2019); and
• Hear about our plans for the next three years (Business Plan 2020-2022) and how you, as Coordinator, can help in achieving them.

Click here to download the Draft Agenda of the meeting! Please do not forget to register via this link!