The 2020 GA Conference revolved around the impact of COVID-19 on the sector and the actions taken by Eurhonet Members to mitigate the effect of the pandemic on tenants, particularly the most vulnerable ones.

To set the scene, Ms Sorcha Edwards – Secretary General of Housing Europe, presented the EU COVID Recovery Plan and how public and social housing providers could benefit from it. Furthermore, she delivered a summary of the Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs) released in May by the European Commission aimed at providing policy guidance and tailored advice to each EU country on how to boost jobs and growth, while maintaining sound public finances.

The conference continued with the presentation of the key findings of the two COVID-related surveys the Secretariat run in April and September this year. After that, Members presented their best practice and concrete measures taken to support vulnerable tenants during the pandemic and particularly during national lockdowns.

To conclude, Topic Group Leaders took the floor to report on how the pandemic impacted Members in their respective fields and drew some lessons for the future.

Presentations made along with video-recordings are available on the Members Only Zone at this link!