During the virtual conference, members had the opportunity to address two key issues…how do we respond to the Climate Change crisis? …can we ever achieve cohesive and integrated communities?

To answer the first question, in his keynote speech, Mr. Adrian Joyce – Secretary-General at EuroACE – The European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings and Director of the Renovate Europe Campaign, gave us an overview on the EU policy context, with a focus on the European Renovation Wave strategy and the contribution that his organization and the building industry is making in responding to the Climate Change crisis.

In the session that followed, members learned about hands-on projects from Helsingborg and Vienna that are contributing to making our neighborhoods and communities not only more environmentally sustainable but also more cohesive and inclusive. These projects are very much in line with the goals set in the New European Bauhaus, another EU initiative that was also mentioned by Mr. Joyce, that goes beyond climate change and ecological sustainability by addressing art, culture, social inclusion, science, and technology.

Presentations made along with video-recordings are available on the Members Only Zone!