After two years of pause due to the COVID pandemic, we are happy to confirm that this year, the Junior Executive Academy will be running from the 4 to the 8 July 2022 in Bochum, Germany, at EBZ premised. Please note that registrations will open at the beginning of April (you will receive the invitation with the registration form and practical info directly from our colleagues from bauverein AG).

The Academy provides the opportunity for up to 25 “rising star” members to spend a week learning from each other, housing experts and CEO’s on sustainable portfolio management strategies.

Participants, split into groups of 5-6 people, engage in active learning by working on a real project based upon the Sureuro Gaming Exercise. The game simulates the business of housing companies. Three teams had to make strategic decisions under both budget and time constraints in order to improve the portfolio of the “New Wave” housing company. These decisions range from re-defining the mission and vision of the company to implementing concrete measures in a large refurbishment project. At the end of the week, the teams present their work in front of a professional jury composed by housing consultants and CEOs.