The 2022 October’s General Assembly will be kindly hosted our Austrian member Wiener Wohnen.

Beside the opportunity to reconnect with our colleagues after three years from our last in-person GA, in Vienna, Eurhonet members will have the opportunity to:

  • attend a seminar on the pan European economic challenges and their impact on our businesses and our customers, followed by an opportunity to share our thoughts on how we are going to respond to them;
  • network on the changes we have made to the way we work following the global pandemic and how these have resulted in improved services to customers;
  • learn about the outcomes of our Structure & Governance Review, including our new visual identity and website, and how we are working to future-proof our network; and
  • get an overview of the work done by Topic Groups and their future priorities.

The detailed programme of the event has been already circulated to members. If you haven’t received it, do not hesitate to contact the Secretariat.