How is Eurhonet organised?

The Secretariat ensures that Topic Groups and Task Forces will continue to align all their activities to the strategic objectives identified by our members and that the progress will be reported to the Executive Committee on a regular basis. One of the ways we will do this is by facilitating networking activities and joint workshops between Topic Groups on crosscutting issues.
A yearly assessment of financial resources needed in order to guarantee an effective implementation of Topic Groups and Task Forces’ activities will be done under the coordination of our Treasurer.


President and Vice-Presidents

  • President: Olivier BARRY
  • Vice-President: Jon LORD
  • Vice-President in charge of the organisation: Roger RÅDSTRÖM
  • Vice-President in charge finances: Anja BADER 

Excecutive Committee Members

  • From France: Francis DEPLACE and Jean-Denis MEGE
  • From Germany: Sybille WEGERICH and Thomas MAYER
  • From Italy: Giacomina BOZZONI and Gianfranco MINOTTI
  • From Sweden: Fredrik TÖRNQVIST and Cathrine HOLGERSSON
  • From the UK: Steve STRIDE and Christopher HANDY

Topic Groups Leaders

  • Sustainable Construction: Johann Christian PLAGEMANN & Remy DELBAERE
  • Ageing: Nicola WESTERBERG
  • Social Integration: Natalie JONES
  • Digital Communications & Technology: Thomas HARRY & Alessia PARESCHI

Task Forces Leaders

  • Improvement: Ian ANKERS
  • Communication: Lars LOFGREN
  • Marketing: Fredrik TORNQVIST
  • EU Funding: Shauna MORTON