Eurhonet Business Plan 2020-2022

The Eurhonet Business Plan 2020-2022 reflects Eurhonet’s commitment to become the most important housing network in Europe by leading the housing scenario both at local and European level.



Archive meetings & events previous years:

Calendar of Activities 2021
Calendar of Activities 2020
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Calendar of Activities 2016

Calendar of Activities 2022:


4                          EC meeting – by WebEx
16                        Sustainable Construction Topic Group – by WebEx

9                          Sustainable Construction Topic Group – by WebEx
15                        Joint IT in Housing & Comm and Ageing Topic Group – by WebEx
17                        HR Workshop “Looking to the Future” – by WebEx

11-12                   Structure & Governance TaskForce – Brussels, Belgium
27                         Sustainable Construction Topic Group – by WebEx

20                         EC meeting – by WebEx

9-10                     CEO Academy + Ordinary GA – Helsingborg, Sweden
15                         Workshop “Building resident voice” co-organised with EFL in the context of the 3rd ISHF – Helsinki, Finland
27-28                    Structure & Governance TaskForce – Brussels, Belgium


4-8                       Junior Executive Academy – Bochum, Germany


8-9                       EC meeting – Copenhagen, Denmark
21-22                   Sustainable Construction Topic Group – Brussels/Halle, Belgium

4-5                      Social Integration Topic Group – Brussels, Belgium
11                        Ageing Topic Group – by WebEx
18-19                  IT in Housing & Comm Topic Group – Vienna, Austria
19                        EC meeting – Vienna, Austria
20-21                  Conference and General Assembly – Vienna, Austria

16                        HR Workshop “The Hu-Man methodology” – by WebEx
date TBC              Workshop “The environmental & social EU taxonomy and the access to sustainable financing” – by WebEx



* Please note that dates and venues of Topic Groups and Task Forces meetings, Workshops and Open events are subject to confirmation by Topic Groups Leaders and the Secretariat – please refer to this online Calendar of Activities for updated information.