Colorful solidarity design tree

Integration is about community cohesion within our society and how we as individuals and groups of individuals interact within our society.

Social integration in the housing sector is about enabling different groups to have equal opportunities to access good quality accommodation that provides the right conditions for participation in the community, and which seeks to build communities where people from different backgrounds get along well together. It is about acceptance; an understanding of each other and our ways of living, being and thinking.

Housing and working are a central part of people’s lives: they are like a platform from which we go out to meet the world. In particular, it is important to work on promoting social integration in the housing sector, both from a social and business perspective.

The aim of the Social Integration Topic group is to address issues concerning the social integration of disadvantaged groups and issues around poverty. Six different subjects were identified when the group was established.


  • Employment and education with a focus  on tenants
  • Addressing social and community cohesion;  focus on the housing companies own staff
  • Meeting places for tenants
  • City planning for Social Integration
  • Guidelines
  • Partner of PUSH Europe final(The aim of PUSH Europe is to deliver positive outcomes for vulnerable people through practical exchange on the integration of services and housing. To this end, it brings together European supported housing practitioners that deliver and build capacity in affordable housing with support for vulnerable people.)