Our Topics

From strategic decision-making to practical applications of day-to-day activities. Eurhonet places great value on sharing knowledge, developing new ideas, and exchanging best practice.

Our key Topic Groups share public and social housing best practice. We meet regularly, produce informative resources, and develop ideas together to better serve our tenants and neighbourhoods. Find out about our key topics…


Removing the barriers that prevent older people from ageing independently in homes. Creating communities that facilitate inclusion and are adapted to the needs of older residents.

Digital Communication & Technology in Housing

Promoting digital transformation and innovation to provide efficient, user-friendly services for tenants and employees. Sharing best practice for reducing digital exclusion and integrating new technologies into work environments.

Social Integration

Examining how housing providers can promote and foster social integration. Sharing best practice to better support tenants in vulnerable situations, including young people, migrants, refugees, and people experiencing poverty.

Sustainable Construction

Taking sustainability to the next level by sharing expertise and best practice. Promoting energy efficient, low-carbon housing, tackling fuel poverty, and minimising material waste and pollution.

Eurhonet organises workshops to create bridges between our four Topic Groups, draw attention to intersecting issues, and expand our key topic areas.