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Eurhonet has developed into a key network for learning in the European public and social housing sector. We are always pleased to welcome forward-looking organisations with a desire to improve their practices, provide excellent services to tenants, and create a positive working environment. Does this sound like your organisation? Join us.

Membership benefits

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Eurhonet members all have the same goal: to provide excellent services for our tenants, neighbourhoods, and societies. As a member, you can exchange knowledge and expertise, connect with your counterparts, and develop strategies together.

Knowledge and best practice

As a Eurhonet member, you have access to:

  • Topic Group meetings and events, including best practice sessions, roundtable discussions, guest lectures, and study visits;
  • Workshops on universal topics such as human resources management;
  • Numerous opportunities to present your best practice: We believe excellent work should be celebrated. Highlight and motivate the great initiatives of your teams at our events, meetings, and in our Best Practice Library;
  • Resources in the members only area;
  • Support on participation in EU-funded projects;
  • Networking opportunities;
  • The Eurhonet bulletin, updating you on the latest news from our network and the public and social housing sector.

Skills development opportunities

Eurhonet organises skills development programmes exclusively for members of our public and social housing network:

  • Leadership Summit: an opportunity for CEOs, board members, and top management to discuss the main issues facing the sector;
  • Talent Academy: a week-long professional development programme for rising stars in the sector;
  • Exchange Programme: employees at any level of a member organisation gain skills and ideas from counterparts.

A strong, supportive community

Eurhonet prides itself on fostering a welcoming and supportive environment where members feel confident to discuss the issues they are facing, share ideas, and develop strategies together. As a member, you can:

  • Connect with professionals working towards the same goal of better serving our tenants, neighbourhoods, and societies,
  • Understand how organisations in different countries and regions approach the same challenges;
  • Share what you do well and celebrate your successes.
Download our brochure and information pack
Housing the future, together!
To learn more about how you can help us to shape the future of public and social housing in Europe, download our brochure. Here you can find out all you need to know about our network! In addition, you can check out our Joining Eurhonet Information Pack – which goes into more detail about our membership offer.

What makes Eurhonet unique?

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While we highly value and regularly welcome the contribution of outside experts during our activities, we want to make sure that our core community can share confidently and openly with their counterparts. Therefore, our members are public and social housing providers only.

We are collaborative, not competitive. We share solutions and strategies, but we are non-commercial. Our strong sense of solidarity allows us to work together on all issues affecting our organisations, from developing future-proof strategies to tackling problems in our day-to-day work.

It is crucial to look beyond our national borders when striving for excellence in our sector. The European perspective allows us to benchmark our practices against a much broader set of standards. While our cultural and socioeconomic contexts may be different, our challenges are often the same (and they certainly don’t stop at borders!). Learning from diverse experiences, we can develop a more nuanced approach to problem-solving, build joint initiatives, and avoid working in isolation. Find out more about the importance of a European perspective.

Our annual programme of activities is designed to provide opportunities for employees at all levels and in all roles to develop skills, learn, and exchange. Take a look at our annual reports to learn more!

We respond to the feedback of our members, using their inputs to tailor our upcoming activities. Thanks to the presence of member organisations in our governance structure, we are constantly guided by the needs and expectations of our network. Our Topic Groups are led by practitioners, who are empowered to set their own agendas according to members’ priorities.

Our Brussels Secretariat is ideally placed to report on the broader European housing landscape and identify opportunities for EU-funded projects. We have a strong collaboration with Housing Europe, regularly feeding the experiences of our members into their evidence-based policy mechanism.

Eurhonet is a membership fee-based organisation. Download our ‘Joining Eurhonet Information Pack’ below to get detailed information about our membership offer. All European public and social housing providers are eligible to apply. The application will require a presentation of your organisation and a brief description of your motivation to join. Before applying, dont hesitate to reach out to the Eurhonet Secretariat ( to get more information about our network and membership. We are always pleased to learn more about our colleagues from across Europe!