Providing opportunities to improve our processes, strengthen our teams, and create positive working environments. Broadening our perspectives and addressing the most pressing issues in the sector.

Public and social housing providers meet numerous challenges which can change from day-to-day. Whether we are facing a human resources issue or a change in EU legislation, we must adapt and re-evaluate our ways of working to maintain a high level of service. Eurhonet’s public and social housing workshops examine these pressing issues.

Through our workshops, we expand our key topic areas and draw attention to intersecting issues. From maintaining performance during a crisis to ensuring sustainable financing, we explore the challenges affecting all our member organisations.

We believe in investing in our employees. We regularly hold human resources workshops to help our member organisations achieve attractive, competitive, and productive work environments that prioritise the wellbeing of employees.

From human resources management to the introduction of new legislation, we explore the pressing challenges affecting public and social housing providers.

Our workshops
Learn, share, improve
Our workshop programme changes every year based on the needs of our members. Previous topics have included:
  • The environmental & social EU taxonomy and the access to sustainable financing
  • Community building and collaborative housing in the EU
  • Growing and diversifying our companies
  • CSR: the impact of the implementation of Directive 2014/95/EU and non-financial information
  • Changing the way we work in a post COVID-19 world

Upcoming public and social housing workshops:

A woman with a bob in business attire speaking to others who are listening.

1 October: Behavioural Change Communication, online

Save the date for our upcoming workshop: 1 October, 14:00-15:30 CET. We will hear from Professor Richard Crisp, award-winning scientist, writer, and educator. We will explore how to apply behavioural insights to internal and external messages to energise, engage and influence. More information and registration coming soon!

Our workshops are only open to Eurhonet member organisations. If you are a member, you can sign up in the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member, find out about joining us.