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Italy / IPES Bolzano

Renovation for energy efficiency and quality of life

One of IPES Bolzano’s priorities is to improve the energy efficiency of its building stock. Every year, buildings are refurbished…

France / OPAL

Bio-based materials in housing

To contribute to sustainable development and reduce its environmental impact, OPAL prioritises the use of bio-based materials. OPAL made the…

Sweden / Hyresbostäder

Klocket – House of Knowledge

In the fall of 2021, a celebration took place at the House of Knowledge in Klockaretorpet (also called ”Klocket”): a…

Germany / DOGEWO21

Together instead of alone (Gemeinsam statt einsam)

Joint activities and celebrations are an integral part of neighbourhood life at DOGEWO21. Through these initiatives, DOGEWO21 builds a sense…

Germany / DOGEWO21

Ecological responsibility – helping bees through wildflower meadows

Initiatives to conserve and protect our natural resources are essential. DOGEWO21 joined forces with a local daycare to create a…

Germany / DOGEWO21

Tenant portal and app

DOGEWO21 aimed to improve customer service by introducing an online tenant portal and app. Through the digitalisation of various tenant…

Italy / ARCA Puglia Centrale

From spaces to places: urban regeneration and public art

The design of public spaces surrounding our homes can have a huge impact on quality of life, societal cohesion, and…

Sweden / ÖrebroBostäder AB

Sustainable and comfortable housing

During 2023, the first tenants moved into new flats by Örebrobostäder (ÖBO) in the block called Biplanet (the Biplane*), located…


Communication campaign encouraged tenants to save 42 million litres of water

As part of Bostadsbolaget’s mission to reduce climate impact, we launched #waterhack, a water-saving campaign that rolled for 3 months,…

Germany / GEWOBA

Inclusive living: BlauHaus project

GEWOBA (Germany) created a communal housing project with inclusivity at its heart. The construction of BlauHaus began in 2017 and…

76 results
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