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Germany / DOGEWO21

Together instead of alone (Gemeinsam statt einsam)

Joint activities and celebrations are an integral part of neighbourhood life at DOGEWO21. Through these initiatives, DOGEWO21 builds a sense…

Germany / DOGEWO21

Ecological responsibility – helping bees through wildflower meadows

Initiatives to conserve and protect our natural resources are essential. DOGEWO21 joined forces with a local daycare to create a…

Germany / DOGEWO21

Tenant portal and app

DOGEWO21 aimed to improve customer service by introducing an online tenant portal and app. Through the digitalisation of various tenant…

Italy / ARCA Puglia Centrale

From spaces to places: urban regeneration and public art

The design of public spaces surrounding our homes can have a huge impact on quality of life, societal cohesion, and…

Sweden / ÖrebroBostäder AB

Sustainable and comfortable housing

During 2023, the first tenants moved into new flats by Örebrobostäder (ÖBO) in the block called Biplanet (the Biplane*), located…


Communication campaign encouraged tenants to save 42 million litres of water

As part of Bostadsbolaget’s mission to reduce climate impact, we launched #waterhack, a water-saving campaign that rolled for 3 months,…

Germany / GEWOBA

Inclusive living: BlauHaus project

GEWOBA (Germany) created a communal housing project with inclusivity at its heart. The construction of BlauHaus began in 2017 and…

Italy / Aler BCM

Deep renovation without relocating residents: Life Cycle Thinking Approach

Aler BCM carried out an innovative deep renovation of a social housing building in Prevalle to increase seismic resilience and…

France / Valloire Habitat

Virtual reality for customer relationship management training

Fostering strong customer relationships is fundamental to the mission of public and social housing providers. Effectively managing challenging interactions with…

France / Valloire Habitat

Promoting access to employment: Training in luxury sewing

Accessing stable and rewarding employment has a significant impact on quality of life. Valloire Habitat took an innovative approach to…

73 results
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