President and Vice-Presidents

  • President: Olivier BARRY
  • Vice-President: Jon LORD
  • Vice-President in charge of the organisation: Roger RÅDSTRÖM
  • Vice-President in charge Finances: Anja BADER 

Excecutive Committee Members

  • From France: Francis DEPLACE
  • From Germany: Sybille WEGERICH and Jörg ZIMMERMANN
  • From Italy: Giacomina BOZZONI and Gianfranco MINOTTI
  • From Sweden: Fredrik TÖRNQVIST and Cathrine HOLGERSSON
  • From the UK: Steve STRIDE and Christopher HANDY

Topic Groups Leaders

  • CSR: Cecilia SVEDIN
  • Sustainable Construction: Johann Christian PLAGEMANN & Remy DELBAERE
  • Ageing: Nicola WESTERBERG
  • Social Integration: Natalie JONES
  • Digital Communications & Technology: Stuart HITCHMAN

Task Forces Leaders

  • Improvement: Roger RÅDSTRÖM
  • Communication: Lars LOFGREN
  • Marketing: Fredrik TORNQVIST
  • EU Funding: Shauna MORTON