(Past) 27-28 September 2023 – Sustainable Construction Topic Group Meeting, Brescia

2 July 2023

We are looking forward to meeting at our next Sustainable Construction in-person meeting Brescia, Italy. We’ll be looking at Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Building Information Modelling (BIM), and the integrated design approach.

The Sustainable Construction Topic Group has been working on tackling climate challenges through renovation. One of the key factors in speeding up the design process is Building Information Management (BIM) and the integrated design approach. Following on from these previous discussions, we will meet in Brescia, Italy, to discuss how to integrate different design aspects, including virtual models.

The meeting, hosted by Aler BCM, will include inputs from key experts on Life Cycle Thinking and the use of Digital Twins for Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). We will be reflecting on how we can integrate this knowledge into our own work. There will be plenty of opportunities to explore the challenges faced by our organisations and work together to find solutions.

See you in Brescia, the Italian Capital of Culture 2023!

To develop our practical skills, we will be analysing building sketches, workshopping ideas for improvement, and attending different field visits. The Brescia area has important seismic issues, and we will see how developments are taking both seismic improvements and energy refurbishments into consideration.

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