Job Coach

Best practice by Gavlegårdarna, Sweden

The Job Coach project has two main goals; to help Gavlegårdarna’s building contractors delivering their work in the pace we desire and to help our tenants getting integrated into Swedish society.

Gävle city is growing and we are building and renovating more than before. In order for us to cope with this high building rate together with our contractors, we have employed a Job Coach who is able to help our contractors to find the right workforce in our neighbourhoods and among our residents for at least two years.

Handsome African American construction foreman or building contractor stands in front of home that is being built for charity. Volunteers are working on the home in the background. He hsi wearing a hard hat, safety glasses and volunteer t-shirt.

After 2015, Gävle received more migrants than before and this means that we have more diversity in our residences which leads to working force with different and fresh perspective to things. Gavlegårdarna has invested heavily in the social work- long before sustainability was trendy, in other words, it has long experience of thinking broader than just renting apartments. We know that in order for people in our neighborhoods to feel good and have stability, it is important to have a home, to be in a social context and to have their own income/ work; these three are also crucial parameters for reaching social sustainability.

Now we have found a way to keep the high building pace, and also help reduce unemployment which is very high here in Gävle. It is important to contribute more to help more people in our residential areas to enter the labor market.

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To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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