(Past) 16-17 October 2023: Digital Communication & Technology Meeting, Munich

18 September 2023

On 16-17 October, the Digital Communication and Technology in Housing Topic Group will meet in Munich, Germany.

To provide the best services for our tenants and positive work environments for employees, we must be open to innovation. Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a game-changer in many sectors. AI tools have a strong potential to improve our work, but we must also navigate ethical and legislative issues. During this meeting, we will discuss the use of AI in social housing, alongside other issues…

AI in public and social housing

What are the international and technical standards for artificial intelligence in the context of public and social housing? How are our colleagues already implementing AI tools? And what plans do we have for the future? This is the time to share experiences, learn from each other, and explore the path forward together.

AI in social housing. Dark background with blue images depicting various uses of AI.

What experiences do you have implementing AI tools in public and social housing? Do you have new projects that you would like to discuss with colleagues?

Change communication

Implementing new technology and updating our procedures are essential steps to future-proof public and social housing organisations. However, it can also be a de-stabilising experience for employees and tenants. That is why change communication is so important.

When we get change communication right, everybody understands why new measures are needed, how they will be implemented, and how this will affect them personally. At the Topic Group meeting, we will hear professional tips on successful change communication.

Jigsaw puzzle each piece showing cogs. One space is missing. A piece showing a lightbulb is being inserted.

How can we ensure that change is a positive experience for employees and tenants?


As we introduce new tools into our work, we also must give strong attention to the cybersecurity implications. There are significant risks for public and social housing organisations, as we must always maintain a high level of service, confidentiality, and security. In Munich, we will hear expert advice on cybersecurity and share lessons learnt from our own organisations.

Image in background of people on computer. In foreground, icon of padlock and various digital devices.

Let’s share best practice for ensuring that public and social housing providers are cybersecure.

Join us in Munich

This will certainly be a Topic Group meeting packed full of insights, best practice, and opportunities to share experiences. By combining the topics of change communication, cybersecurity, and AI in social housing, we will explore interconnecting aspects of digital communication and technology.

So, if you are a member of Eurhonet, find the full programme and details of how to sign up in the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member, find out how to join us.

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