Winter celebrations and lights on Brantingstorg

Best practice of Uppsalahem, Sweden

In collaboration with community members, Uppsalahem took the initiative to transform Brantingstog, a square that used to be affected by the drug trade and a hostile environment.

By installing lights and organising various activities, the square changed into a vibrant and vivacious place where people felt safe. The light installation and the music which came with it lit up the square and made it difficult to pursue any illegal activity because there was something happening every day.

An important part of making the project successful was to collaborate with local residents and actors. The police started to patrol the square more often, which made their presence more visible. An ice hockey team came to teach children how to ice skate on a temporary ice rink. Local music schools performed and spread the holiday feeling.

Together, all the efforts and measures put in place eliminated the dangerous elements. Prior to this, residents and the people that work there felt unsafe and unwilling to walk nearby the square during nightfall. The square changed into a welcoming and warm place for all community members to enjoy.

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To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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