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Best practice by Bostadsbolaget, Sweden

The aim of this project is to improve integration of new immigrants into the Swedish society, by shortening the time that it takes to get a job from nine to two years. It also aims to get more people interested in the real estate and building business.

The project is a group-wide engagement within the Framtiden group where Bostadsbolaget, over three years, will offer internships to 100 immigrants.

During six months, the newcomers work under the guidance of a tutor – a Bostadsbolaget employee – as a cleaner or caretaker. Close to 40 employees signed up as tutors to the trainees and help them in their daily assignments.

This way the trainees not only learn the occupation but also get to practice the Swedish language in a social working environment. It is also good for the employees who get a helping hand as well as the tenants who get more people working with the living environment.

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To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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