GBG Wohnen in Mannheim has improved its communication with its customers and information is now accessible more easily in many areas. This initiative aims to communicate complex information in a way that is easier to understand, especially for people with learning difficulties, people with a migration background or older people.

About the project

In 2018, the project started with an analysis of GBG’s existing communication tools and practices. Based on the results, a team was formed that developed special knowledge in the creation of content in Plain Language. This interdisciplinary team consisted of people who are familiar with the topic and at the same time are sensitive to the needs of different target groups. In addition, advice was sought from an external agency specialized in the context of Easy Read, which also has expertise in the use of Plain Language.

The project was implemented step by step and is still ongoing. Initially, documents such as information sheets and standard letters were revised and written in Plain Language. For the future, further letters and verbal communication with tenants in Plain Language are in preparation.

By avoiding complex terms, for example, Plain Language is characterized by short sentences and a clear structure. Furthermore, images and pictograms are used to make the written text easier to understand.

GBG’s commitment for an inclusive neighborhood

The positive effects of the project quickly became apparent. GBG tenants were pleased with the more comprehensible information and expressed their gratitude for the improved communication. People with limited knowledge of German or learning difficulties reported easier access to important information about their housing situation.

In addition, the project helps to strengthen GBG’s commitment as a customer-oriented company that actively supports the needs of all tenants. The introduction of Plain Language shows that GBG is not only engaged in the field of housing, but also strives to promote an inclusive and responsive neighborhood.

Overall, the introduction of Plain Language at GBG in Mannheim can be considered a success – it has not only improved communication with tenants but has also taken an important step towards inclusion and accessibility.

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