Best practice by Stångåstaden, Sweden

The aim of this project by Stångåstaden is to, in an educational way, engage students in sustainability questions from the view of a residential area.

Through education and new experiences we increased the sustainability awareness amongst our tenants in general but more specific amongst our Young Ambassadors; this also increased skills which they can put into their CV.

It is a long- term perspective, YouSuAL’s objectives are to:

  • Reduce the total amount of household garbage per apartment.
  • Increase the percentage of recyclable materials per apartment.
  • Increase the thrive and sense of security and safety amongst tenants in the area.
  • Reduced cost of maintenance for Stångåstaden, Tekniska Verken och Linköpings kommun (cost for graffiti removal, cleaning sewers, picking up trash etc.).
  • Increase youth’s confidence for the future and for themselves, through offering an educational and active free time where they meet inspiring role models.