GEWOBA (Germany) created a communal housing project with inclusivity at its heart. The construction of BlauHaus began in 2017 and by 2019, 180 people had moved into the new development. In 2023, the BlauHaus project was awarded the ‘Social City Prize’ at the Berlin Environmental Forum.

Modern apartment block - Blauhaus - with green spaces.

Photos courtesy of GEWOBA

What is the BlauHaus development all about?

The BlauHaus project is all about inclusive living. It is designed to bring together residents of different generations and income backgrounds, single people and people with families, and people with and without disabilities.

The apartments are barrier-free, and the floor plans are based on the needs of the residents, from compact student dwellings to spacious family apartments. Car parking spaces, storage facilities for wheelchairs and bicycles, and a car-sharing station are provided.

BlauHaus also represents an alternative to assisted living for people with disabilities. Two residential communities aim to provide opportunities for people to live independently and self-determinedly.

Blauhaus modern housing complex surrounding a green space.
Blauhaus close up of modern apartment block.

What services are provided to tenants?

Inclusivity is evident not just in the structural design of the complex but in the services offered on site. The services aim to facilitate social participation for all tenants and to strengthen social cohesion.

Residents are encouraged to meet and exchange in a garden at the heart of the complex. There are numerous event rooms that help to facilitate community life, providing social, craft and artistic workshops. A daycare facility can accommodate up to sixty children on site. These services also provide employment, work experience and training opportunities for people living in the complex. BlauHaus is therefore about both living and working inclusively.

Find out more

To find out more on this initiative, please contact GEWOBA’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out about joining us. This best practice was presented at our Leadership Summit 2023. Eurhonet members can therefore also find more information in the Members Only Zone.