During 2023, the first tenants moved into new flats by Örebrobostäder (ÖBO) in the block called Biplanet (the Biplane*), located in southern Örebro. Biplanet is the first newly constructed residence that ÖBO has certified according to Miljöbyggnad Silver (Environmental Building Silver). This is sustainable building certificate demonstrating that the building surpasses legal requirements.

About Biplanet

The two buildings comprise 75 flats, ranging from one to four rooms with a kitchen, most of them equipped with a balcony or patio. The ground floor of one of the buildings houses a modern preschool for approximately 100 children. During evenings and weekends, when the preschool is closed, children in the neighborhood can play in the preschool’s courtyard. Above the low preschool building, there is a large rooftop terrace for the residents, featuring seating and greenery.

Inside the lounge of the sustainable building

Sustainable Building Certificate: Miljöbyggnad

Miljöbyggnad is a Swedish system for the environmental certification of buildings, where sixteen different values within energy, indoor environment and building materials are measured and reviewed by an independent party: the Sweden Green Building Council. Biplanet is certified to the Miljöbyggnad Silver standard.

Focus on indoor climate and environment

To be approved according to Miljöbyggnad Silver, buildings must surpass legal requirements, with a primary focus on indoor environment assessment. This includes scrutinizing sun protection, acoustic environment, ventilation, moisture safety, and the risk of radon and legionella. Additionally, the system examines energy usage and the climate impact of various material choices.

In Biplanet, these factors have been taken into account. Additionally, ÖrebroBostäder has supplemented the houses with solar panels on the roofs that contribute to the energy supply. Furthermore, Biplanet has its own car pool, which can be used by the tenants.

Find out more

To find out more about this initiative and the sustainable building certificate, please contact ÖrebroBostäder’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out about joining us.

* A biplane is an aircraft with two pairs of wings. The name is linked to the Örebro airfield, which was located in the area between 1939 and 1982.