Best practice by Skövdebostäder, Sweden

Aspö Eko-logi, a project run by Skövdebostäder, is a part of something more than just housing. You can find residential buildings, a farm with animals, an area of allotments, beautiful nature and even a preschool. The houses are built with a strategic focus on ecologically sustainability. Details in the area and apartments makes the tenant contribute to a better sustainable environment.

For example, the irrigation system that captures the rainwater and use it for watering the plants, the low energy consumption for heating the apartments and the possibility to switch all electronic devices off, with a power button when leaving your apartment. Combined with possibilities to grow your own vegetables, being close to nature, the farm animals and the activities given at Aspö this is definitely something unique and out of the ordinary.

There are many who builds with the ecological sustainability in mind, but it is the very high demands set on this project and the project in whole that is exceptional – we’re creating a model for the ecological ideal society.

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