To contribute to sustainable development and reduce its environmental impact, OPAL prioritises the use of bio-based materials. OPAL made the commitment official through through the Hauts-de-France Wood-Bio-based Pact (Pacte Bois Biosourcés Hauts-de-France). This is an important step forward in transitioning towards carbon neutrality by boosting the use of bio-based materials in housing.

How is OPAL using bio-based materials in housing?

OPAL is implementing numerous projects that integrate bio-based materials, both in new construction and renovation. Bio-based materials are materials from natural origin (derived from biomass).

For example, let’s look at a new construction in Essigny-Le-Grand. Here, OPAL built six individual homes using wooden frames, straw filling, and cellulose wadding. Cellulose wadding is made from recycled newspapers and is used as a sustainable insulation material. The wooden frames are pre-made in a workshop, before being transported to the construction site.

In addition, another project includes the construction of nine passive houses in Laon. The passive houses feature panels made from linen, hemp, and cotton, plus the use of cellulose wadding and wood wool. Wood wool is a sustainable insulation material made from wooden threads.

What is the Pact?

The Hauts-de-France Wood-Bio-based Pact is an agreement to carry out a significant portion of construction or renovation work in wood and/or bio-based materials. Therefore, companies and organisations sign the Pact based on the percentage of floor area that will be made up of these sustainable materials.

The Pact is not only an essential step forward to reduce environmental impacts and protect our planet, but it also helps to drive the economic growth of the region.

Find out more about the use of bio-based materials in housing

These are just some examples of OPAL’s use of bio-based materials. Numerous other projects are underway and planned for the future.

Therefore, to find out more on these initiatives, please contact OPAL’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out about joining us.