Joint activities and celebrations are an integral part of neighbourhood life at DOGEWO21. Through these initiatives, DOGEWO21 builds a sense of community and provides plenty of opportunities for people to meet each other socially. Let’s find out more about these social activities for tenants…

Building a strong community

DOGEWO21 organises summer parties, Christmas parties and tenant parties for the residents. In addition, the housing provider also supports tenants who want to organise activities together themselves. Gemeinsam statt einsam (together instead of alone) is the motto of the DOGEWO21 neighbourhood agencies, which offer space and opportunities for this commitment from tenants.

One of the social activities for tenants. Tenants sit around a table with art on canvas

Photo: DOGEWO21

Creative painting course

A great example is the creative painting course held during the DOGEWO21 tenant meeting Kuh31 in Dortmund-Benninghofen. The painting course is part of a joint programme between DOGEWO21 and the Dortmund senior citizens’ office Hörde. Participants can use any painting method they wish; in addition to the classic acrylic or watercolour paint, this could also be self-made paint from coffee grounds.

Every Wednesday, the tenants create their canvases with a lot of fun and creativity under the guidance of freelance artist Dobrila Jakubovic. All ages are represented in the painting course: whether students or older people. Everyone is welcome to pick up a brush and have fun, whether they are beginners or advanced at painting. No previous knowledge is necessary because the experienced lecturer helps the participants to discover or improve their individual skills.

Find out more about developing social activities for tenants

To find out more about DOGEWO’s ‘Together instead of alone’ initiatives, contact DOGEWO21’s coordinator through the Members Only Zone. If you are not yet a member of Eurhonet, find out about joining us.