corporate social rasponsibilityEuropean public and social housing companies are asked to address the challenge of their economic, social and environmental performance at the same time.In the objective to remain essential actors of the social cohesion and of the attractiveness of their territories, the members of EURHONET have combined their expertise and their values in a common project about their Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

Corporate Social Responsibility – CSR – is about managing our business in an ethical and responsible manner, in order to maximize the positive impacts the companies have on local communities, society and the environment.

It is about how each company integrates social and environmental considerations into its activities, working in partnership with tenants and other stakeholders and operating according to the key principles of social responsibility, environmental responsibility, economic sustainability, and ethical approach to employees. CSR is about being proactive, credible and transparent on issues affecting people and the environment.

CSR also offers the opportunity for us to improve our corporate strategic management, as the foundation of a successful business.

EURHONET´s CSR Topic Group developed the first -and only- European CSR famework specific to the social and public housing sector: EURHO-GR (European Housing – Global Reporting). Designed by housing organizations for housing organizations, in cooperation with key sector stakeholders, EURHO-GR is a unique tool, to help social and public housing organizations define their CSR strategy, and monitor and report on their overall performance, in accordance with the sector’s core issues. Eurhonet BP handbook

EURHONET’s CSR Good practices handbook, published in 2010, presents some of the best CSR actions identified among its member (to be downloaded at the bottom of this page).

Beyond these publications, regular meetings enable group members to share their experience and discuss opportunities for improvement and innovation in the various CSR fields.



CSR reports (or “Sustainability reports”) are published by the Topic Group members every year to present their key actions, performance and impacts, on the five dimensions of EURHO-GR. It is a way for them to explain their strategy, describe their projects and inform stakeholders about their results.

In recent years, more and more companies have been integrating CSR within their traditional annual reports, instead of producing separate CSR reports. A natural trend when CSR is at the core of the business strategy…

Download ProPotsdam CSR Report 2015 (in German): CSR Bericht 2015



EURHO-GR ® is an overall CSR framework which identifies key CSR issues for the sector, along the five dimensions of CSR: 1) Society: Promoting local social sustainability; 2) Environment: Protecting the environment; 3) Economy: Supporting economic sustainability; 4) Governance: Good governance and relations with stakeholders 5) Human resources: Responsible Human Resources management.


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EURHONET CSR Best Practices Handbook-BD
EURHONET CSR Best Practices Handbook-BD
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