Residential Area Concept for Rintheimer Feld

Best practice by Volkswohnung, Germany

The Volkswohnung commitment in Rintheimer Feld is exemplary. In 2008, the company developed the programme and began implementing it step by step in order to make the outdated large housing estate in East Karlsruhe future-ready. The energetic modernisation of about 1,000 apartments has been completed, the building of 114 new rental apartments as well as a local shopping centre in Forststrasse begun in June 2015 is nearing completion. The Volkswohnung invested around 42.2 million euros in modernisation, approximately 30 million euros in new building measures and around 3.7 million euros in designing open spaces.

As part of developing this residential area, urban conceptual, urban political, ecological, economic, social and societal aspects will be taken into account until 2018. The foundation is the integrated residential area concept, “Sustainable Rintheim”, which includes a living space development, infrastructure and residential environment concept.

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