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Germany / DOGEWO21

Together instead of alone (Gemeinsam statt einsam)

Joint activities and celebrations are an integral part of neighbourhood life at DOGEWO21. Through these initiatives, DOGEWO21 builds a sense…

Germany / DOGEWO21

Ecological responsibility – helping bees through wildflower meadows

Initiatives to conserve and protect our natural resources are essential. DOGEWO21 joined forces with a local daycare to create a…

Germany / DOGEWO21

Tenant portal and app

DOGEWO21 aimed to improve customer service by introducing an online tenant portal and app. Through the digitalisation of various tenant…

Germany / GEWOBA

Inclusive living: BlauHaus project

GEWOBA (Germany) created a communal housing project with inclusivity at its heart. The construction of BlauHaus began in 2017 and…

Germany / Stadtsiedlung Heilbronn

SKAIO: Germany’s first wooden high-rise building

SKAIO stands tall at 34m high, comprising 10 floors of innovative timber-hybrid architecture. The building is almost entirely recyclable.

Germany / Bauverein AG

Energy efficient, subsidised apartments

In just six months of construction, 32 public subsidized apartments were built in “Rodgaustraße”, a former social focus. Despite record…


Accommodation of refugees -Staudenhof

The project is centered around the accommodation of refugees in Potsdam and their integration into the society. The overarching goal…

Germany / Volkswohnung

Residential Area Concept for Rintheimer Feld

The Volkswohnung commitment in Rintheimer Feld is exemplary. In 2008, the company developed the programme and began implementing it step…


Garden City Drewitz

More green, more residential comfort and less carbon dioxide emission: the prefab estate Drewitz is being turned into a garden…


Für Potsdam Competition

The aim Für Potsdam was to recognise and appreciate the engagement of numerous voluntary people from Potsdam and to make…

10 results
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