Become a Recycler

Best practice of Botkyrkabygge, Sweden

By taking a broad approach, Botkyrkabyggen wants to send the message that recycling does not necessarily have to be something boring and complicated. It can be the opposite: something easy and a natural part of everyday life. Every tenant should feel that together we can help keep our areas clean and make the world a more sustainable place.

An important part is to focus on children. The goal is to establish a sustainable attitude towards recycling and garbage disposal from an early age. Therefore the activities during the campaign are laid out for both adults and children. We have sent out postcards, invited tenants to lectures and held a contest and event for our tenants and children. More practical actions include enabling an easier way to access recycling facilities for tenants.

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To find out more on this initiative, please do not hesitate to contact the organisation’s Coordinator through the Members Only Zone.

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